When we think of lawn sprinklers, what comes to mind is beautiful green golf courses, lush landscaping such as one might see in the open air courtyard of a fine resort type hotel. Yes, lawn sprinklers help make that possible. There are companies that do just that, everyday. However, there is more to it than just what meets the eye. To appreciate all that they can accomplish, one must ask what other services offered by most lawn sprinkler contractors, will bring about an improvement to your landscaping needs?

First is the design aspect. How large is the area you need to irrigate? What type of foliage will be grown? Will there be foot traffic or an absence of it? What is the composition of your soil? Is there drainage or slopes? Those are among some of the basic questions needed to be asked before starting in earnest.

Some may not offer such services. Some will and they will work with you to design a system tailor made to your specifications. Some handle commercial applications only, others residential, and some contractors will service both type of clients.

Once the actual installation has been completed, their job is done. Such is not the case for full service contractors. Many offer a host of skills to choose from, such as Emerald Lawn Sprinklers.

Repairs are something most people do not think about. Maintenance is also not something that comes to mind instantly. What most customers never think about is the importance of winterizing . If you are not properly prepared for a freeze then call us up and set an appointment.

Many other services are offered as they are part of the initial installation process. The technician may be skilled at sod repair, and fertilization methods and products. Landscape/Outdoor Lighting is also a common tie in and offered by many contractors including us.

Lawn edging helps to maintain that neat precise look to your floral boundaries.

Spring start up services are an important part of having a smooth running lawn sprinkler system. Learn more about our services.


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