The process of starting up a sprinkler structure after a long period of shut down or after winter can be very difficult. If not well handled, one might end up breaking down the whole structure.

One of the effective procedures is getting your contractor to take you through the process. This will ensure that the system is working properly. This can prevent cases where you risk damaging the whole equipment.

You ought to collect spare parts before you go ahead to start the equipment. This will help you in case of any breakages. It is easier to have the tools on the stand by than to start getting them when you detect a problem. This saves time and allows you to react quickly when a fault is detected.  However, although we are empowering you here, its best to leave it to the pros to protect your costly investment.

When opening up for the water to flow in the pipes, open it slowly. Let the water first fill in the pipes before you increase its pressure. This ensures that pipe attain normal conditions first before pressure is increased. When you start by filling them up under high pressure, the pipes might burst and bring you unnecessary costs in replacing them and paying for the wasted water.

After opening the water under low pressure, it is important that you go through each station and ensure that every valve is functioning properly. This will give you the time to correct faulty valves before you can allow water to flow under full pressure. You should note that correcting faults is easier when water is under low pressure.

When everything has been confirmed to be functional and the faults corrected, you can now start your irrigation process. You can increase the pressure and all is good to go. You should make sure that you will always follow the process when you need to start it up after a long period. Proper servicing ensures that you get a long working life from the machine.  Lastly but most importantly, getting your system and maintenance from us along with our 5 year warranty makes life much easier.


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