Large lawn areas need plenty of maintenance. Since watering plays a big part in the successful upkeep of a beautiful lawn, a lawn irrigation system is usually considered. Knowing the different types of heads for sprinkler installation can make this job a lot easier.

The sprayer head is one of the most important components of a watering system for a lawn and garden. Each one has a different function for different areas of the garden, so it is essential that the correct one be used when the system is installed. Taking a little time to do this will ensure a garden that is fresh and healthy all through the year.

The main function of a spray device is to distribute the flow of water evenly throughout the garden automatically. This can only be achieved if the correct watering devices are used and whether or not they are set properly.

Rotor sprinkler heads are used in the larger, open areas because they turn wide enough to cover the complete area. The distance of the spray of water can be altered to the length that you want it to reach.

Then you get the pop up rotor sprinkler devices. These are the types that are set lower into the ground. As soon as the water is switched on, the upper part of the device rises above the ground and begins spraying the water. These are perfect for use on wide expanses of lawns, as well as along sidewalks and curbs.

Spray heads are the best for smaller gardens and lawns. They are perfect for watering particular areas, as their spray range remains in a fixed position. For specific plants and shrubs, there is a type called a bubbler, which aims the jet of water downwards, concentrating the water on the roots of the plant, without wetting the foliage.

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Ed Pedicine
Emerald Lawn Sprinklers