When choosing outdoor lights for a home, there are some key points to think about. These design techniques may help someone figure out how to place fixtures around the property and what style to get. Principles of design for outdoor lighting for a home may include ideas around style, function and proper location. Learning how to pick and choose the right item may enhance a home’s worth and function.

Every style of home will have its own feel and style. There are listings where the overall impression is a country look. Suburban homes will have a certain style, as well as modern and trendy looking houses. Figuring out what type of property has to be designed, will help a customer pick out the right style for them.

Most stores will carry several sections of units. These units may be divided into several categories that influence where they would be placed in a home. A section could feature modern lights, country designs or be separated by brand or location at the home. The store may separate the front lights from the backyard ones.

Modern looking lights will have a certain look and feel to them. They may offer an abstract look with sharp corners and a simple design. The simple and medium sized units will create the perfect balance of style with a similar designed property.

In a country styled home, units for lighting may be designed in a brass finish. The brass design may also have large features that help it to blend in a country home. Most country units offer large bulky fixtures and features where the lighting should match the style.

The front of the property is where guests and home owners will see first when approaching the home. Typically these fixtures would be placed on either side of a double door. In a smaller property where there is only one door, a fixture could be placed on either side of the door frame. The style and size of the house may impact where the lights will go around the door.

When there is a garage attached to the home, most people will place lights there to help the area stand out. A single door may allow for a fixture to be placed over top. A double door design may have a single fixture over each door panel or have a fixture placed on either side of the doors.

There are other places that these fixtures can be hung or attached. A pole with a separate light could be placed in the front or back. These units could offer the same modern or country look that is desired. Lights in the garden could help to bring out the landscaping and showcase a pathway to walk around. Spot lights are great for security and lighting up a home.

Principles of design for outdoor lighting may be used when picking out units. These units could be placed over a door, garage or in a garden. There are many different kinds of styles to pick from. Most stores will offer some help when it comes to picking out the right model and style for a home.  However, we will do much more than that!

Ed Pedicine

NJ Outdoor-Landscape Lighting