Exterior illumination is a very important elements for a home’s after dark presentation. After the expense of design, construction, decoration and furnishing of the home, this is not the place to skimp on the investment. For anyone thinking of switching to low voltage outdoor lighting – why it makes sense is because of it’s cost efficiency, small environmental footprint and its pleasing aesthetics when viewed by owner and visitor.

The exterior lighting serves several purposes. Firstly is the security and safety of the home and it’s surrounding areas. Criminal acts like burglary, car theft and assault are statistically much lower in areas with adequate light. Accidents like falling from elevations, stepping into depressions, twisting or breaking ankles, walking into building protrusions or landscape features are far less likely to occur. Through illumination of objects and walkways a safe environment is created.

Conversely, too much, too bright or misdirected light can cause temporary blindness creating the same problem as no light at all. Inadequate safety and security at a home can cause serious results such as medical bills, disabilities, inability to work, lost income and liability for injuries to guests, or even trespassers on the property.

Low voltage fixtures produce superior effects in maintaining the home’s safety, as well as that of streets and driveways. The illumination they produce is more natural and better quality than higher voltage alternatives. It is easily directed exactly where it is needed while not diffusing, or flaring into areas where it is unwanted. A lower intensity will create visibility, while not blinding or overpowering. There is less contrast between dark areas and illuminated ones so the shadows are less dark. Clearer, sharper images are the result, and grater visibility.

There is not the same problem with light pollution that is is with traditional fixtures. Illumination is easily directed where wanted and does not intrude onto neighboring areas or into the night sky where it is wasted while obscuring the spectacle of the stars in the heavens.

A clean, crisp effect is produced, which enhances architecture and landscaping. Whether used as ambient, general light, or to accent building or landscape features, through down, up, front or back light, the resulting effect is artistic. It is more effectively used in recessed areas and alcoves, or as highlight directing people toward focal points or entrances. For task lighting it produces better performance with less eye fatigue.

There is a much greater variety of fixtures available. About 100 options verses about 12 for conventional styles.

Lastly, these fixtures operate at approximately 1/3 the cost of traditional ones. When LED bulbs are used about 10% of the energy that incandescent bulbs use is consumed. With florescent 20% or incandescent is used, and energy saving halogen bulbs use 70 %. Bulb life is extended so maintenance is much less expensive.

When considering switching to low voltage outdoor lighting – why it makes sense is that better quality and more useful, pleasing light is produced. At the same time, less energy is used, less maintenance required and less environmental damage caused.

Ed Pedicine

NJ Low Voltage Lighting, NJ Landscape Lighting