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How to Compare Estimates

When comparing estimates, you should compare apples with apples, not apples with lemons. In other words, DO NOT JUST CONSIDER THE PRICE. Make sure you compare the following:

  • Number of zones
  • Number of sprinkler heads
  • What material is being used?
  • What warranties are given?
  • Does the installed hardware provide full coverage to your entire lawn area and shrubs?
  • Have you considered the reputation of the company and how efficient they will be when you need them?

We are distinctly different from our competitors as we are fully insured and are licensed master plumbers, which enables us to do the complete installation and hook up of the water supply without any outside contractors.

Before making your final decision, we would appreciate you giving us the opportunity to review our estimate with you so that we may offer you the best plan and price to meet your needs.

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